07 January 2010

dinner with Q

Dinner with my good friend Q at A16.  OMG so good.  We had braised black cod, sauteed chard with pinenuts and currants, roasted chanterelles with pork cheeks and kale, beet salad, and a prosciutto tasting platter! Also some awesome wines (including a kickass Aglianico - a first for me).

I've cut off Q's head here. but at least you can see her bodacious ta-tas.  :-p


KateM said...

yumm. Wish I was there! I love this project!

Melissa S. said...

Queeny? Qwaniqua? Qunicy? What kind of first name starts with a Q???

porter said...

Comment from Q, who was having technical difficulties:

"Thank you ever so for the shout out to my ta-tas - which appear to be defying gravity with even less zeal than usual. Lovely. ;-)
(Dinner was incredible though! So thoughtful of them to have plate-o-pork as a special.....)"

hazel said...

Looks de-lish. I love food pictures.

porter said...

haze, glad you like 'em... cause I have a feeling many many of these daily shots are gonna end up being food pictures!

Natasha said...


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