22 January 2010

1/22: the glamorous 9 to 5

Today I didn't seem to have a moment to pause.  I even had to postpone one meeting so I could run to the freaking bathroom.  It was wall-to-wall.

Thank God for the cafeteria in the building.  Sure, I didn't get lunch until 2:15, and I ate at my desk while on a call, but at least I got it.

[yes, I'm rocking both the cold and warm caffeine varieties...  it was one of those days.]


KateM said...

Ok, me again... even your lame work lunches eaten at your desk rock my world. In 2010, my goal is no longer to post a photo a day... it is to eat like YOU!oxox

Suzanne said...

Looks like a yummy sammich.

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