17 January 2010

1/17.2: i wanna be a food photographer

Went on a fab spa day with the girls, followed by a dinner that was nothing short of extravagant.  Forgot my camera (lame!) but borrowed Suzanne's to take a few shots (thanks Suzanne!).  This is one of them - the octopus, proudly displayed by my friend Q.  


KateM said...

I want you to be a food photographer and I just want to eat all your work! I had salami and nerds for dinner.

porter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
porter said...

oops - technical problem there. what i tried to say is:

KateM - i hear ya. BTW, tonight for dinner i had Elsa's leftover chicken nuggets and a granola bar. so it's not all glamor all the time (just sometimes). :-)

Kerry said...

what? you can't glam up nuggets and a granola bar?

Suzanne said...

That was the prettiest plate of them all.

Have a very octus Tuesday-

Melissa S. said...

what? no ta-ta shot of Q?

stephanie said...

I totally lurve octopus. Really anything that's rubbery. Totally grosses Jason out.

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