29 January 2010

1/29: professional help

So, the illness has progressed. Necessitated a little visit to the doctor this afternoon. Verdict? Virus which has morphed into a bacterial infection. And most recently has graced my eyes with infection as well. Lovely, really. Don't you wish you could see? I'll spare you and show you only the doctor's office.

I'm now armed with prescription eyedrops and antibiotics. The doctor said "get a lot of rest this weekend". To which I laughed and then I cried, because you know: rainy weekend + 2.5-year-old + solo parent does not = rest.


Katie said...

Did this virus not realize that we are coming to visit and we need you to be healthy? How rude. Hoping the medicine knocks the infection flat on its ass!!!!!

KateM said...

Good grief! We hate pink eye! So sorry we live so far away! Get better! oxoxo

hazel said...

That sounds bloody awful. I hope the meds kick the virus and infection promptly to the curb.

paige said...

be well--immediately!

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