28 February 2010

2/28: coif

I did the necessary maintenance on this head of hair of mine, something I do every 10 to 12 weeks...  oy, what a process it is.The photo above shows my rockin' stylist, Cindy (the blonde) and her assistant Shiva, working on the woman whose appointment was before mine.

Below is yours truly, mid-highlight.  yikes.


Kate said...

Beam me up Blondie!

Megan said...

You'll be pleased to know that, at the age of 39, I had my first pedicure last month. It was not my doing - 'twas my darling girlfriend's plot. I have yet to go to a salon where my stylist had an assistant, however. What on earth does a stylist's assistant do?

Clare Carver said...

lol love the tin head shot!!! xxxoo c

stephanie said...

Quite possibly my new favorite.

I used to go every six weeks... Ah, the good old days.

Natasha said...

OK, I LOVE that you posted that shot of yourself. Might be the best one you've posted yet!

It's oh-so-very 2001: A Space Odessy.

Suzanne said...

So brave.

porter said...

I have no pride.

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