08 February 2010

2/8: grits!!!

Recently I have become obsessed with, of all things, grits.  Because DAMN, have you tasted good grits?  They are really good. I think grits must be kind of like gnocchi - if done well, they are incredible.  But most incarnations are nasty stuff, so many people (including moi) think that they don't like them.  Until they taste the good stuff.

Anyway, I did a ton of interwebby research and found the source of (supposedly) the tastiest organic, stone-ground, heirloom grits in this fine land: Anson Mills.  I ordered up some Antebellum Coarse Grits and Carolina Whole Hominy Quick Grits. They arrived today.  Can't wait to cook 'em up.


Clare Carver said...

I Love grits!!! I fully expect grits in a few days!!! xxoo c

paige said...

do you remember that festive grits casserole that albert made for one of your 1st dinners with us?

kate said...

When I lived in the South and told people I didn't like grits they'd all, without fail, say, "But you haven't had MY grits."

Um...I don't like grits.

stephanie said...

Um, you clearly must come for a visit. It's grit heaven down here. Please check your calendar.

Tami said...

Wow...those are some grits!

Suzanne said...

When should I come over?

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