04 March 2010

3/4: reading with shazam

The lovely Shazam came for dinner, which thrilled both Elsa and me. We had a little (late) birthday celebration for her comprised mostly of cupcakes and Elsa singing "Happa Dooh Day To You!" with great enthusisasm...
until the plate Elsa was holding tilted and the cupcake with the lit candle in it went sliding into her chest and nearly lit her on fire. Fun times.

After dinner, Elsa got Shazam to read her the current favorite around here - Harold and the Purple Crayon.

[Edit:  see Suzanne's crosspost (and hilarious photo) here]


Suzanne said...

Had this birthday happened in the 70s, with all that polyester, it could have been quite the pyrotechnic event. Hooray for good old cotton!

Thank you for the wonderful birthday party and much anticipated reconnection. It was a perfect night.

See cross post at http://2010x356.blogspot.com/

3continentfamily said...

Oh we love Harold!!! That was my brother's fave, too while we were growing up.

Look at Elsa's face in this pic- so cute.

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