08 April 2010

04/08: friends

This photo was not taken by me, nor was it taken today.  Whatevs.  I really like it.  (and not solely on the grounds that it displays the fact that sometimes, just occasionally, Elsa's outfits are clean! and fit her! and even sometimes the acceptable hair ornaments go with the selected outfit!.)

Anyhoo, this is the beautiful Alexa and Elsa - we were celebrating Alexa's 2nd birthday here, complete with jumpy house and pizza and birthday cake.  And plenty of wine for the parents.  Now that's what I call a birthday party.  Elsa has talked about "Lexa" with greatest affection ever since.


Suzanne said...

I remember Alexa from Elsa's 2nd b-day party. I love her Cindyloo Who 'do.

358pics said...

Super cute dress on E. oxoxo

hazel said...

I don't blame you for posting this pic - even Elsa's cup matches her outfit!

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