18 April 2010

04/18: at Kate's!

Happily hanging out with my sister Kate (AKA Agapantha, among many other names...) in Austin, TX.  She was kind enough to hang this sign I made for her at her new casa.

  This is the crowd waiting to be seated at The Salt Lick.  I have one word for you:  YUM.

This is the Congress Street bridge - we (and loads of others!) were waiting for the famous bats to make their appearance. So very cool when they did.

Austin rocks.


kate said...

Bats completely creep me out ever since my roommate and I had an infestation IN THE HOUSE!! and we had to kill them. The bat people wouldn't because there is ONE bat in that area is endangered and they weren't sure they could identify it (!!) so during baby season they just didn't exterminate any. Bats flew through our house. So. yuck.

Suzanne said...

I love the sign! I had no idea you were also an artist!

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