19 July 2010

Hair DO

Elsa's hair is finally, finally long enough to get into one little ponytail. It looks like a bun because it's so short, and there are lots of little pieces which find their way out over the course of the day, but whatever.

I love this look - something is so very right about a non-distracting hairstyle on a pretty little girl.


Claudia said...

oooh, I totally love this!

I can't believe that my baby L's hair will EVER be long enough to do this.

Katie said...

I think Isa's hair is in a ponytail about 75% of the time nowadays. It's just so easy for both of us. I recommend basic Goody barrettes to keep the little fly-aways in the front pinned down while still looking cute. Heck, you don't need to even buy your own, just take some of ours- we have about 2 zillion. :)

Suzanne said...

Not sure what happened to my original comment. It went something like this:

Simply beautiful.

hazel said...

That is a great style and Elsa is rocking it and the daisies. I look forward to B's hair being long enough to do that, too.

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