05 April 2010

04/05: you talkin' to me?

This was taken a while ago actually, but just emailed to me today.  I think it is HILARIOUS.  Seriously, I look like such a jerk.  What the hell was I saying?  Anyway, lucky for you I have no pride, and my actual photos from today are going on my "real" blog, so up here this one goes!


KateM said...

Every girl needs a little attitude to get her through life. You just have it captured nicely.... when you are feeling defeated, you can look back here and access your inner-b*tch.

CKD said...

You look so tough!

porter said...

I think it's the gigantic wonderwoman bracelet that makes me looks so bad-ass.

susie mumford said...

I want this one ! I love it ! xo

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