06 April 2010

04/06: the crap table

This table, just inside my front door, is the official catcher of:

1.  crap I am holding when I come in the house and immediately drop
2.  crap I don't know where to put
3.  crap I am too lazy to put away
4.  crap I need to take with me so have to have in sight or I will forget

A few of the currently featured items, from left to right:
  • a Pier One bag with various small gifties that I picked up the other day 
  • Elsa's shoes (2 pair)
  • a red neoprene wine carrier
  • a skype headset I borrowed from a friend 
  • something precious wrapped in bubblewrap - no clue what it is
  • large ziplock with diapers, wipes, and an extra pair of pants (the standard leaving-the-house purse kit)
  • a birthday gift for my friend Naomi, which I forgot to bring to the office so is now even later than it was already
  • a lime green note from school reminding me that I have not fulfilled my volunteer hour commitment. shocking.
  • a See's Candy bag which is (sadly) no longer filled with candy but instead holds random crap that I brought in from the car to put away.  so, that's going well.
  • a pile of CDs (mostly buried)
  • a muffin tin returned to me by my mother
  • a black sweater that is too big for Elsa but I keep trying on her because it's pretty
  • a box of solar lighting for my front walk - has been opened for two weeks but that's as far as I've gotten.


paige said...

you can whip that pile into shape in less than 15 minutes, sister!

Robynhood said...

I call dibs on the table. You can keep all the stuff on it but the table is gorgeous and would look oh so nice in my house :)

KateM said...

I love this post and it is going to inspire me to capture such sundry items I have piled up. Of course though, not today because I have crammed it all in a drawer because the housekeepers are coming....

Katie said...

At least you have consolidated it to one table. Pretty much every surface in my house looks like that! I like to pretend it's because my house is too small and not because I have too much crap (or was just too lazy to put it away). :)

Suzanne said...

Yeah, but how is your bedroom dresser looking?

porter said...

bedroom dresser is still clean!! it's a frickin' miracle.

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