11 April 2010

4/11: culinary highs and lows

so the rainy beach weekend was focused on indoor pursuits, given the weather.  top of the list was eating and drinking. :-)

First, there was the freaky tomato that sprouted on the inside (no, we didn't eat it):

I attempted to make croissants and burned the ever-loving-crap out of them:

Suzanne made an all-star dinner Sunday night, on the other hand, that was spectacular.  Mac and cheese (with a crispy crumbly topping that included bacon!) and the best fried Brussels sprouts ever.   So so so good.  Here we are, about to make ourselves nearly sick from eating so much of it. 

(What, three bottles of wine for three adults is not normal for you?  The fourth one was just out of the frame...  hope that makes you feel better.)


CKD said...

Oh, well, as long as there was a fourth botle... I feel much better. Looks like a wonderfully cozy weekend, although I'm sure you were looking forward to more beach time!

Robynhood said...

Ohhhh I would have loved that tomato as a science project for my class... that is awesome! I have never seen anything like that before... glad you all had a good time together even if it was rainy.. :)

Suzanne said...

That was one freaky-deaky tomato.

hazel said...

I was thinking, 'what a bunch of slackers!' until you mentioned the 4th bottle.

Now, as I said on Suzanne's blog - that tomato is eewww.

The croissants - a wasted of baked goods.

But the mac cheese and brussel sprouts - NOW you're talking!! That Suzanne woman rocks!

Natasha said...

That tomato is freaking me out.

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