12 April 2010

4/12: out with the old

This is my old engagement ring. It's been sitting in a box in a drawer for the last 8(!) years, since that engagement hit the skids.  I have finally decided to have it re-set - turn it into something less engagementy, and wear the damn thing. The diamonds came from my granny, so have massive sentimental value.

This is the photo I sent to a friend of a friend who works in the jewelry biz, who has agreed to help me get it done... kind of excited!!


Kate said...

That is AWESOME. Raise your right hand!!

KateM said...

Damn, without the memories, I would wear(and love it) as is!!! Gorgeouso!!!!

Suzanne said...

That's gonna make you some mighty fine bling! Can't wait to see the end result.

Clare Carver said...

this is great news! granny would be proud of u ...xxxx c

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